♠King Kassa♠

was born May 3rd 1994 in New Orleans Louisiana ,He moved to Compton California 7 years ago. He has been rapping since He was 8 years old he started writing his own music at 13, You could see in his eyes he knew this was what He wanted in life, He's Been perfecting his craft for so long, and He finally finished his first project! His vision is to show ppl his passion for music there's so much more in this world, real beautiful things and we have to think different about life. because everyone has a purpose , also to simply be who He was destined to be and do what He was destined to do, music is who he is his first mixtape is called "I AM KASSA" Kassa means compensation- the reward for pain and suffering, his life has been everything but settle, this cd is his compensation truly and hopefully for the world. Thank you for listening , you will hear my name around the world , not only I but all will know Kassa.

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